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The Best Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures

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Buyer's Guide

Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures Guide

Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures are very popular at the moment. These lights make great additions to decks, patios, gardens, pool areas and anywhere else you would like to have an outdoor light. Prior to buying any of these lights however, there is much that buyers need to know. Whilst in the past outdoor flood lights were often an expensive addition to a power bill, recent usage of these lights has changed this. Now you can buy a bright outdoor LED flood light and still receive a low cost power bill.

Prior to now the majority of floodlights were large fixtures that simply added light to any space. Nowadays however, because of the popularity of LED lighting these fixtures are becoming smaller, more streamlined and lighter. In turn this makes them easier to install and also means that they are far more energy efficient and brighter.

Another feature that LED floodlights have become popular for is that most are automatically color temperature sensors. This is great as most people will want the lights to be as bright as possible. By having a sensor that senses the color temperature of surrounding light, it is possible to adjust the brightness of the light to make it more energy efficient.

Another important characteristic that buyers need to look for is the material that the lights are made from. It used to be the norm to have flood lights made from copper or brass. These metals can oxidize and this leads to both a high temperature and also corrosion. Aluminum is a great alternative as it is easily corrosion resistant and also conducts heat well. It also does not oxidize and therefore retains its color temperature much longer than its copper counter parts.

The third attribute is the size of the fixture. LED lighting is now available in a wide variety of sizes. They are also made in many different shapes. This means that outdoor LED flood light fixtures can be mounted almost anywhere in your garden and at just about any height. Some outdoor flood lighting can even be mounted on poles. This is obviously ideal as you do not need to worry about them getting blown over when there is strong wind.

One of the most popular features of outdoor LED light fixtures is that they come with a built in motion sensor. These motion sensors are generally considered to be very useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, if someone were to approach the lights, they would activate the motion sensor. Secondly, if the lights were motion sensitive, they will only turn on when someone or something approaches the lighting. Therefore, these types of floodlights are excellent at discouraging unwanted visitors.

Another attribute that makes outdoor LED flood lights perfect for gardens, backyards, patios, driveways and other outlying areas is their energy saving potential. As these lights are generally low intensity, they consume less energy than their high intensity counterparts. In addition, the bulbs used in outdoor flood lights are made using a high efficiency LED. This means that the lights consume just 12% of the energy that traditional incandescent bulbs use. Therefore, once you have installed these lights, you will immediately be able to reap the benefits of energy saving. As previously stated, LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than the previous incandescent bulb.

Finally, an outdoor LED flood light fixture can really help to bring order out darkness. It is widely believed that this is why they are often used in police stations and fire stations. In fact, this is one reason that so many fire stations request the installation of these types of lights. With this guide, you should be able to find the perfect guide for your home, so take a look below!

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