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The Best Poles For String Lights

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Buyer's Guide

Displays And Polearms

Whether you are buying outdoor string lights or indoor ones, a Poles For String Lights buyers guide will help you get the best product for your needs. Whether buying outdoor or indoor, these lights are made to withstand any weather conditions. These unique products also come in different sizes and shapes. For every type of use, there is a different size or shape of pole that can best suit your needs.

Good for Any Occasion: Whether used to suspend temporary lights on walls or buildings, or to decorate an outdoor event, these versatile lights will work no matter the occasion. Good for both inside and out, there is one size of pole to fit all needs. Easy Two-step Installation: Since these lights can be connected either using clamps or hooks, installation is a breeze. Simply connect the base to the pole and secure with a clamp or hook.

Pole Lengths: The most important factor to consider when buying a poles for string lights is how many lights you would like to display. If there is not enough space, then the smaller sized poles may not be able to display all of your lighting options. The larger poles will allow for more options and room to display more lights. The smaller lights can be displayed off to the side, or placed to the center of the space to create an impressive, eye-grabbing display.

Type of Poles: There are two main types of poles for strings: free-standing and attached. The attached pole can be placed in any location that you desire. They are also available in various shapes such as triangle, circle and square. The free-standing pole is stationary. While they do not offer the flexibility of being mobile, they are also the most popular since they are easier to install and use.

Styles: When selecting the style of pole, it is important to consider the style of lights that you will be displaying. For indoors and low light displays, you may want to opt for a clear, lightweight pole. These are available in various styles such as plain or decorative. If you are looking for a pole to display elaborate lights, you will find that the chandelier type poles are very attractive. When it comes to size, these are among the smallest poles.

Size: The diameter of the pole will have a large effect on the amount of light it can display. If you are going to be displaying very bright lights, you should go with a wider diameter pole. A wider pole will allow for more area to be illuminated without creating a glare. However, if you are trying to showcase dim lights, a thinner pole will be more appropriate.

Arm Length: The length of the arm is also important. The longer the arm, the more surface area that can be illuminated. The shorter the arm, the less lights it can hold. You can also opt to have pole arms that are parallel, but this is not as effective.

Pole arms are one of the most important factors to consider when you are choosing a pole display system. As previously stated, there are several different styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. It is important to consider your specific needs before making a purchase. Depending on what you are looking to display, there will be a style that will work best for you. When shopping for pole arms, take measurements of your space at home and then compare that with the different sizes of pole arms.

There are many types of displays that use pole arms. Some are used for indoor presentations, while others are used outdoors for both exhibits and photo shoots. Regardless of the style of display you are going for, there will be a style that will suit you perfectly. It is a good idea to do some research online in order to learn about the different types of pole arms available to you.

Pole Stands: These are typically the cheapest and simplest type of pole display to setup. However, if you need to show a large number of objects, it is important to invest in poles that are sturdily constructed. Pole stands should be strong enough to withstand years of weight. Some of the better brands of poles can weigh as much as 100 pounds!

Lighting: One of the most important things to consider when setting up a display system is the lighting system. Some types of displays use regular bulbs, while others rely on LED lights. If you are trying to showcase something that is highly fragile or sensitive, LED lights are definitely the best choice. The display tends to glow for the entire duration of the presentation, even if the object isn't being looked at.

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