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The Best Vanity Lights For Makeup

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Buyer's Guide

Things To Look Out For When Buying Vanity Lighting

Vanity lights for makeup are a popular lighting choice for makeup artists. But, some are concerned about the safety of these products. Many people opt for inexpensive over-the-counter lights to compliment their work without concern for the safety of their face. The lights that fall on the face can cause burns or scars. A look at the below list of questions will give you an idea of the dangers associated with lights on the face.

Does using inexpensive lights on my face create a safety risk? It depends. Using cheap vanity lights on the face can result in a number of different situations that include: poor lighting and shadows, slip and falls, injury due to pinching, burns, bruising, and infection. Cheap lights do not give enough light and they do not come with a long cord, so they do not provide safe lighting. Cheap, over-the-counter lights also may break easily and leave wires exposed, creating a fire hazard.

Is there enough room to see through the vanity lights? If the lights are too close together, it can cause eye discomfort. When looking for vanity lights, make sure there is plenty of room to move around and see through the lights. Look for lights that are close to each other, but do not obstruct one another's vision.

Will the lights wash out my makeup if I try to scrub off make up? If you put your hand into your makeup and wash it away, the lights may temporarily wash out your makeup. If the lights are too close together, the makeup will be washed out as well. It is better to find lights that are at least two inches apart. If you do not have enough space or the area around the lights is small, you may not get the effects you want.

Will the lights irritate my skin? Some people suffer from acne and skin allergies and some people suffer from rashes when they touch the lights. You may not notice at first, but the irritation may get worse as you use the makeup remover or touch your eyes. The lights themselves may not be too irritating, but you may still feel irritated or have an allergic reaction.

Will the lights interfere with my sleep or make me feel drowsy during the day? If you put the lights in front of your vanity mirror, you may find that you cannot sleep or you feel very drowsy at times. This could be one of the side-effects that may occur if you put the lights in front of your vanity mirror. You should only place the lights on one side of your head. If you find that one or both of your arms are tingly or burning, you should discontinue using the lights.

Does the vanity lights disturb the neighbor's dogs or cats? If your neighbors complain about the noise or if your dogs or cats start behaving strangely, you may not want to use these lights. If the lights make your dog or cat hurt or afraid, you should discontinue using them.

What are the other reasons that you should not use vanity lights for makeup application? Make sure that the lights you get match your vision. You should consult a professional if you have any doubts about how well your lights will work.

Do not use the vanity lights for the purpose of self-help or personal development. If you have to see the inner part of your thighs, you should use a different set of lights. There are vanity lights made especially for this purpose. If you want to see more clearly into your pantry, you can use pinhole lights. These lights do not make a lot of noise and they are relatively safe.

Make sure that the lights you buy can really be used for what they promise to do. If there are promises of changing the color of your lips or eyes or of highlighting your cheek bones, make sure that the lights can fulfill that purpose. If you get the lights and they cannot, you should ask the retailer to refund or replace the lights.

Finally, make sure that the lights are waterproof. If they are not waterproof, they may not do their job as promised. This is a particularly important safety consideration if you are applying makeup while you are swimming. In general, you should make sure that the lights are sturdy enough to withstand frequent use.

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