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The Best Wireless LED Ceiling Light

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Wireless LED Ceiling Light Provides Security Immediately

Today LED Ceiling Lights are becoming a necessity in every home, office, shopping mall, retail store and other public places. These lights offer the elegant look of traditional lighting without causing much interference with other electronic devices. Moreover these lights are available at affordable prices from online stores. One can buy the same from a wholesale dealer at a lower price and can even get discounts. However, to buy the LED Ceiling Lights from wholesale dealer, one should have complete knowledge about that.

The average use of the wireless LED ceiling light is only three to four hours. This means that it can be used to illuminate the area for three to four hours. The maximum use is up to seven hours. The wireless installation can help in reducing energy consumption of around 15 % thereby saving electricity bills.

When it comes to the design, it has two types i.e., the hard wired and the battery powered led ceiling light. In battery powered lights, the power consumed is two times than that of the hard wired lighting solution. The wireless LED light offers long battery life ranging up to five hundred hours. So you do not need to worry about its power supply.

Today, most homeowners, offices and retail stores are using the battery-powered light because it can provide bright and clear illumination in a wide dark area without any interference. And the wireless LED ceiling light adds convenience to your lighting solution. It can be used to illuminate any area that requires extra bright light i.e. the kitchen, living room or the dining room. So you can enjoy outdoor illumination without having to hassle about electrical wiring.

An automatic shut off feature helps in saving energy and makes your lighting solution safer because the motion sensors are intelligently triggered when any person passes within twenty feet of the sensor. If any movement is detected within this distance, then the light switches to its off mode. Therefore, it saves energy, time and effort required for switching on and off.

In terms of the safety aspect, most people tend to avoid installing wireless LED ceiling light because they believe that it may be dangerous to install and operate. But most people are not aware of the fact that the LED bulbs used in these lighting fixtures have been developed to the point where they hardly require any special installation and operation and can be operated by just a switch. Therefore, no special wiring is required and no wiring connections are required. So this feature makes them very safe to use and gives them the flexibility to be installed anywhere. The LED bulbs also produce less heat than the traditional halogen bulbs and produce much brighter light. This makes them suitable for use in near-by areas, in public places, in homes, offices, hospitals, educational institutions, malls and retail premises, restaurants, bars, night clubs, shopping malls, golf courses and public transportation means like subways, rails and buses etc.

An average use of an automatic shut off feature and motion detectors give us the following benefits. The battery-powered ceiling light provides 100 lumens of illumination and comes with a two year warranty. It uses a one hundred sixty five watt bulb, which is a bit over three hundred LED bulbs, which give off an amazing amount of light for such a low power consumption. Furthermore, the battery-powered light has an adjustable setting between ten and twelve hours of illumination. The brightness control allows you to adjust the amount of illumination to suit your needs at different times throughout the day.

When you consider the security and convenience that the wireless LED ceiling light provides, it becomes clear that it is a product that every home owner should consider. In addition, it makes perfect sense to install this type of light in your garage, basement or any dark area without having to deal with installation. It is also ideal to keep in mind that the battery-powered light can provide you with twenty hours of illumination, even if there is no electrical power source. You are able to do this by simply leaving it on as you work or sleep.

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