IOWVOE 36 x 28 Inch LED Mirror for Bathroom,Adjustable

The IOWVOE 28 x 36 Inch LED Mirror is perfect for any home or office decor. With its sleek design and easy installation, this mirror is sure to add some style to your space. The IOWVOE 28 x 36 Inch LED Mirror is also dimmable, making it perfect for controlling the lighting in your home.

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  • The IOWVOE 28 x 36 Inch LED Mirror has three color temperatures: Warm, Natural, and White Light.
  • It is dimmable and can be controlled with a light switch button.
  • This mirror light has an antifogging feature that allows you to turn on or off the mirror as needed.
  • Finally, the packaging for this product includes a rugged stury case that protects the mirror from damage during shipping.


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  • Can Be Controlled With A Wall Switch
  • Very Easy To Install
  • Very Well Packaged
  • Very Long Wires On Back


  • May Not Fit All Shapes Of Heads; Only Round And Oval