Kasibie Arched-Top Floor Mirror with LED Lights

The Kasibie Arch Full Length Floor Mirror with LED Lights is perfect for highlighting your best features while making yourself look your absolute best. This mirror features three light color modes, so you can choose the perfect shade for every occasion. With its unique design, this mirror is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

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  • The Kasibie Arch Floor Mirror has a unique design with an arched top that creates a stunning visual impact.
  • It features three color modes and adjustable brightness.
  • The glass is shatterproof and protected by an explosion proof membrane.
  • This multifunctional mirror can be used both as a free standing mirror and as a door hanging mirror.
  • The product size is 47″x16″ , 63″x20″ , 63″x20″ , 47″x14.5″ , 47″x14.5″ , 47″x16″ .


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  • Inexpensive
  • Large And High Definition
  • Can Be Used In Many Ways
  • Arched Top Design To Attract People
  • Protective Packaging


  • May Arrive Damaged